OnlyFans model who killed partner after drunken pub row just wanted to ‘scare’ him

An OnlyFans model who killed her partner after a drunken row at the pub told a court she ‘never intended’ to stab him and admitted to initially lying to police about the attack.

24-year-old Abigail White said she had only tried to “scare” her children’s father, 22-year-old Bradley Lewis, with a knife she found on a kitchen counter.

However, she ended up stabbing him in the heart.

The mum-of-three, who has referred to herself as ‘fake Barbie’ in the past, admits manslaughter, but denies murder.

Today, when presenting evidence at Bristol Crown Court, she emotionally responded “no” when asked if she had intended to stab him through the heart.

The couple had been arguing about an earlier drunken fight with friends while visiting a local pub.

She claimed she was angry at Bradley for “failing to stand up for her” in the pub row in which she was punched to the floor.

Bradley met up with White on the morning of March 25 this year and her friend in a park and told her: “I don’t want to be with you anymore, Abi.”

When asked to describe events that followed later in the day, she told the jury: “We were arguing, and then he was pushing me a bit.

“I went into the kitchen and saw a knife on the side. I picked it up, and walked back to Brad.

“I went over to him to shock him, to scare him with a knife. Before I knew it, I’d stabbed him.”

After the attack, which White claims to be unable to remember, Brad looked ‘in shock’ and began spurting blood.

She added: “It was already over before I noticed. I helped him take his clothes off(to stem the bleeding), we did it together.

“I helped him move into the kitchen.

“I remember using his top on the wound when we were in the kitchen. He just kind of sat down, and then his body lay down and he was on his back.”

Panicking, White said she made repeated attempts to call for an ambulance. After initially being told that ambulance services were ‘busy’ she called again, but the call was disconnected due to bad signal.

She searched for better signal outside, but ultimately just screamed for help from neighbours who told her help was ‘on the way’.

An ambulance eventually arrived and Bradley was rushed to hospital – but was pronounced dead at the scene in the early hours of the following morning.

When questioned by police, White initially claimed that Brad had inflicted the injury upon himself.

Admitting that was a lie to jurors today, she added: “I wish I had told the truth from the beginning.

“I was scared about what was going to happen to me, to Brad and our children.”

Yesterday the jury was told about the couple’s “toxic” relationship, including periods where both partners had been unfaithful.

White further told the court that prior to the attack on March 25, Bradley had attacked her for ‘crying loudly in bed’ while recovering from the abortion of an unplanned pregnancy.

She said: “While I was going through losing the baby, we were in bed and he was not helping me or comforting me at all, and I was crying. He didn’t like that, so he punched me in the ear.”

In response she says she stabbed him ‘in the arm’, later attending a walk-in clinic with him and her sister for the injury – which he blamed at the time on a football injury.

White, of Chipperfield Drive, Kingswood, initially claimed Mr Lewis had stabbed himself but later admitted a charge of manslaughter by diminished responsibility. She denies murder.

The trial continues.