UK weather forecast: Heavy rain and gales to batter the country with gusts up to 50mph

Brits are set for widespread heavy rain and gales which could reach 50mph over the coming days.

Low pressure systems are dominating the outlook with most rain falling on Saturday before a brighter and warmer Sunday – but it will only be a brief respite.

Heavy rain and gales are likely to arrive again on Sunday night with winds possibly getting up to 50mph.

It will also be a cold start to Saturday with temperatures having dropped below zero overnight in parts of Scotland before the mercury rises.

In the areas that escape the worst of the rain, in the south east, it will be fairly warm and hit 17C or 18C over the weekend.

Met Office broadcaster Greg Dewhurst said: “Quite blustery as we move through the weekend, there will be showers for everyone but also some sunshine too.

“Low pressure is dominant across the UK, however, we will see a brief ridge of high pressure for a time on Sunday before then further wet and windy weather moves in late Sunday and into the early hours of Monday morning.”

Looking at Saturday morning he said: “During the early hours we will see some wetter and windier weather moving in from the Atlantic affecting western parts of the UK, some heavy downbursts possible here and also some stronger winds developing.

“Initially quite chilly with temperatures close to freezing if not below across the glens of Scotland but as the cloud, wind and rain move in, the temperatures will start to rise.”

Mr Dewhurst pointed out that it could reach 18C in the south east.

“Everyone needing a brolly at some point during the afternoon, some showers developing, some of them heavy at times and quite a blustery day especially across the west, possible gusts of 30 to 40mph. This combined by the heavy rainfall, downpours, it will feel quite chilly here – 9C, 10C, 11C, 12C at best,” he said.

“In the south east where we keep on to some sheltered weather here 16C, 17C and possibly 18C, so not feeling bad in those sunny spots.”

On Sunday there will be more sun and warmer weather before the low pressure takes a hold again with winds that could reach 50mph.

UK forecast for the next 5 days
Windy and showery today. Drier on Sunday for some.
Bands of showery rain, heavy in places, moving quickly northeastwards across most parts. Drier, brighter periods in between, especially in the south and east. Gusty winds, especially in the west.

Windy in the north with further rain or showers. Southern parts becoming mostly dry with clear spells, and turning chilly as winds ease.

Showers becoming confined to northern Scotland and winds slowly easing. Sunny spells for many. Turning wet and windy in the far west and southwest later.

Outlook for Monday to Wednesday:
Rain and strong winds clearing north and east on Monday. Then mostly fine in the north on Tuesday and Wednesday, but stronger winds and heavy rain returning to southwestern areas.